How to travel for a year and plan?

I was 26-years old and was already tired of feeling like a slave to my employer.


I’ve been back for over 2 months and I still get this question a lot. It mostly comes from my family and some old friends that I haven’t seen in a long time. I just got back from travelling to 11 countries in 12 months. I know it seems like nobody can do what I did, but girlfriend— you totally can!

Money aside, I want to talk about what I was going through before deciding that I needed to leave my home and live a nomad life for a full year.

Deciding to say goodbye to everything that was familiar is not easy. But it’s all in the mindset.

Following all the cool kids to Angkor Wat in Cambodia

I was living in a remote area for 3 years. I was a reporter covering news stories, but I wasn’t happy. I loved my job, but I hated that in North America vacation was considered 2 weeks and only available to you if you worked hard all year.

I remember thinking “I can’t wait anymore.”

I was miserable.

I always loved travelling and when I had those 2 weeks I always bought a plane ticket and left.

I got into journalism because I truly love talking to people, sharing their stories and learning new things.

So it made sense to want to travel.

I was 26-years old and was already tired of feeling like a slave to my employer.

I also tried looking for new work, but everytime I did an interview I would roll my eyes when they’d ask me questions like “So why should we hire you?” or “Where do you see yourself in 10 years?” SERIOUSLY? I remember thinking “I’m going to leave my current employer to go to another one and get sucked in to working all these hours to try and prove my worth so that I can climb this corporate ladder everyone talks about.”

That was never going to happen.

For years, I followed people on social media who travelled full-time. I always loved reading the International and Travel sections in newspapers. When I’d go to bookstores I’d come out with recipe books and travel magazines.

I've always been interested in what was happening on the other side of the world.

And as a reporter you get to talk about these stories, but not necessarily live them.

Eating a chicken drumstick in the streets of Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam.

At 26, I wanted to experience everything I had read.

I wanted to see Kangaroos and Koalas in Australia… just because!

It took me a couple of months to figure out where I wanted to go.

I got my vaccines and bought my Visas.

I sold everything in my apartment and quit my job.

I was determined to not be comfortable for the next year.

I bought hiking shoes for the first time and bought a 46L backpack.

And as the days got closer to my departure I got nervous, but a good nervous.

Feeling nervous is the best indicator that what you are doing is important to you.

I knew this adventure would have a big impact in my life. And it totally did.

Have you ever felt the need to get away?

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