How I Overcame Stage Fright

Over a decade ago I got on a stage. I was put in the spotlight for the very first time.

And I had no intention of starting a business. At all. Back when no one was watching and no one cared.

All I wanted was to share people’s stories. Be a part of the daily news life and get all the inside scoops of what was going on in my city.

I had once labeled my television reporter job as my dream job, but I was secretly looking for a creative outlet.

An escape outside of the grind. I didn’t hate my job, but I wondered why I looked forward to Friday.

Even if from the outside it looked good, there was this growing inner voice as I moved forward, a ‘knowing’ that I wasn’t in the right spot.

And I’m so thankful that my 26 year old self listened to that voice.

That dream job lit a spark in me and, while I didn’t know it at the time, that investment (time) would become my one way ticket out of that corporate world and into the wild, wild world of entrepreneurship.

I traded the ladder climb for a chance to write the ending of my very own fairytale.

To closing our eyes and listening to the inside voices more.

To opening our hands and looking at what we’ve been carrying.

To realizing that alarming and deep feeling inside might be the only wake up call you’ve been waiting for.

To us.

I celebrate us.

Question for you: If you could do anything with your one precious life, money aside, what would you do? Tell me below!


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