How I made over $650 USD selling my content as NFTs. Here’s what happened.

Watch out Meta! There’s a new app hoping to change the social media landscape while helping content creators post original content. Welcome, FazzMe. While still in its beta form, FazzMe is the world’s first Social Media NFT Marketplace where users can own and monetize their content. How? NFTs.


NFTs are all over the internet and everyone is raving about them. NFT stands for non-fungible token. Huh? It’s basically a unique token that exists on a blockchain and cannot be replicated, copied, or forged. NFTs can represent real-world items like artwork, contracts, tickets, games, real estate… There truly is no limitation for the versatility in NFTs. While the general population fears this technology some creators and investors have made staggering figures, we’re taking 8 digits and more, that changed how the world views these digital collectibles.

Exactly two months ago, I was approached to test out a new app. Someone from the team discovered me @girlintheverse, realizing that I am interested in crypto and NFTs. FazzMe allows content creators to upload their photos or videos, turn them into NFTs, and sell them to users who are willing to buy my content. It’s as easy as posting to TikTok.

I’ve been a content creator for over 10 years, but I never got paid for my work on social media platforms . That’s why FazzMe was interesting to me.


Once you create an account you can transform any picture or video that you’ve created into an NFT.

Type in how much you’d like to sell it for and how much of a royalty fee you want… and boom, you’re set up to make money for your own content, art, music and video!

You can also like posts and purchase your own NFTs and share with your followers, friends and family.


Yup, get paid for life. That's one of the best parts about NFTs. You will be rewarded every time someone sells your digital art. You can set a royalty fee as low as 0% up to 10%, forever.


Every time a user posts a picture or short video on apps like Facebook, Instagram and Tik Tok, they do not get paid. In May 2022, Meta said it would prioritize original content in its algorithms and start paying its creators, but only select creators had been invited to its program. As a content creator it can be frustrating to see your work copied on social media. NFTs are designed to give you something that can’t be copied. You get bragging rights for owning your work.


In just under 2 months, I was able to make over $650 USD for posting the same pictures I would have probably posted on Instagram. Not bad for someone who has 30 followers on the FazzMe app, right? There are only a few hundred users right now, so you can imagine the potential this app has once there are a lot more users.

If you’re curious, try the app for free today using my referral link right here!

Mesmerized by NFTs? Let me know what you think in the comments below?


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