Content Marketing: don't follow “rules”

I don’t run Ads. I don’t have funnels. I don’t have a team. I don’t have a perfectly colored aesthetic feed. I post in the moment & have never used an app to schedule anything. I use one mic to record my podcast. I use my iPhone to create my content.

I don’t follow a lot of the marketing “rules”.


10 years ago, I wanted to prove to myself that if I could be insanely consistent & committed I would succeed.

I didn’t ONLY have passion.


Not only was I broke, but I didn’t believe in paying anyone.

I wanted to learn everything myself.

I didn’t know how to make a fancy sales page.

I knew how to share my passion authentically through storytelling and video.

I didn’t know how to get 10K followers.

I knew how to build genuine relationships online.


It started with sharing my STORY.

It started with me being real, authentic and honest with you.

Every. single. damn. Day.

I showed up.

Hopefully this gives you THE permission slip to break the rules & do the damn thing.

What marketing rules are you breaking!? Tell me in the comments!


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