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It’s awkward  being a woman in the metaverse.

WTF is an NFT?

Why do they matter? What about Cryptocurrency? Or web 3.0? How will this affect me? How does the blockchain work? Is it all just a scam or is it here to stay?


If you’ve ever asked yourself these questions, know that you are not alone. With so much to learn about crypto or "web3" as the cool kids are saying,  I questioned everything from owning a digital wallet, to minting NFTs, dealing with gas fees and a whole lot more. However, after doing my very own research, I believe that these new technologies are here to stay.

Currently, twice as many men as women invest in cryptocurrency (16% of men vs. 7% of women), according to CNBC and Acorn’s Invest in You: Next Gen Investor survey, conducted in partnership with Momentive. But, it doesn’t have to stay that way.

Ladies, this is our time to make a difference.

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Hey there, I'm Melina a.k.a. GirI in the Verse.  I help ambitious and driven young women create unstoppable confidence so they can live their life on their own terms, show up as themselves, and celebrate their enough-ness. 

Welcome to the ₿log. 


In Web 2.0 Melina is a television journalist, blogger, confidence coach and entrepreneur based in Montreal, Canada. Fluent in four languages--English, French, Italian and Spanish--she loves to chat and meet intriguing people, which ultimately shaped her career as a media professional.

Melina is a staunch advocate of female empowerment, always on the hunt for stories that are a departure from the typical “how-to” approach on crypto, life and being and entrepreneur. With that in mind, she created the Don’t Forget Your Lipstick podcast.


Girl, whether you’re a creative, an artist, entrepreneur or if you’re into coding, you should learn about what’s coming. Understand how you can stand out and get financially rewarded in this space. Are you planning for this?

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